Concorde`s final flight :            

          Basic, classical course : for ABS materials 

          1st chrome sulphuric acid pickle with wetting agent 

          2nd chrome VI reduction

          3rd hydrochloric acid processing

          4th palladium deposition

          5th accelerator - remove the protective colloids

          6th electroless nickel for plastics

          7th first electrolytical nickel - nickel strike

          8th electrolytical bright copper

          9th electrolytical bright nickel, or velour nickel, or matt nickel

         10th chrome-plating

electroless nickel - plastic coating


The application of a suitable en process is next to the perfect pretreatment and a perfectly set up  basic material surface  the starting point for the further coating structure.

The regular coverage of the surface with palladium conducts deposited a layer thickness of 0,1 to 0,5 m en.

Since these baths work between 30 to 45C and pH-values of 8,0 to 10,0, the "responsible" components must be selected correspondingly.
Hypophosphite increases of up to 30 % speed up the deposition.

In addition it is possible to achieve regular depositions through further additions whose hardness and tensions are reduced. 

Ammonia does not have to be always the "panacea".

There are systems which manage also without ammonia during the pH-correction.



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