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The always arising question : What are the costs for electroless nickel when being purchased ?



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If you operate with electroless nickel or when occupied with the thought to use EN in the future, did you ask yourself, whether your calculation is correct or not ?

What do you think about checking the subsequent method and comparing it with your own previous calculation?

The here discussed method is a fair cost calculation that is free of prejudice and in addition free of falsely "widely assumed" variables that are believed to have influence on it.

It only needs four steps to show you the actual costs for chemicals, if you want to buy or only compare EN products.


1. Costs for starting a bath : Bath volume = 100 litres

Quantities of chemicals x applicable prices = costs for the start

2. Costs for example of 7 MTO:

Quantity of Ni-solution for 1 MTO x price x 7 = costs of Ni-solution

Reduction solution for 1 MTO x price x 7 = costs of reduction solution

Total costs for 1. and 2. = ......................................................

3. Nickel throughput for 7 MTO, e.g. the bath operates with 6 g/L Ni:

600 grammes (100 litres) x 7 = 4200 gramme

4. Price for 1 gramme pure deposited nickel

coast sum shared by 4200 gramme =                 


Should the information costs of 1 gramme pure nickel be unfamiliar to you and you would rather calculate with 10 Ám/dm2, you only need to multiply the price for 1 g Ni  by 0.8 and you will immediately have the price for 10 Ám/dm2


nickel metal price - topical situation between 2003 `till april 2007


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