dispose of consumed en baths 

In Germany an area wide net of disposal companies exists.


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Dependent on the bath composition and the requirements for en layers, baths can be operated at 6 - 9 mto`s.

Topical notice :now is it possible to work without nickelsulfate, without nickelchloride, without nickelacetate. Look on the main page -> 15 mto and more.

During the replenishment of the baths with e.g. a nickel content from 7 g/l increase the sulfate content to approx. 70 g/l and the orthophosphite concentration from 150 to 180 g/l.   

The disposal in the own company is under adherence the remainder content of < 0.5 ppm nickel the most inexpensive version, approx. costs per litre 0.10 EUR to 0.15 EUR. Considerably here are the necessary prerequisites for a perfect and separate handling as well as responsibility conscious staff.

In practice it becomes generally accepted however ever more that the suppliers of en products take over the disposal. Approx. costs per litre  0.30 EUR to 0.60 EUR.

To prolong the bath life and thus to reduce the electrolyte to dispose of, some special companies strive at present to offer solutions.  

The special feature here, while operating en bath is that the user himself can intervene by means of technical expenditures, paired with cost-intensive investments both in the disposal process as well as regarding the service life extension. 

The principle of the electrodialysis with selective diaphragm technique is to count itself for users if these more than 50000 EUR transfer per annum at chemistry. This is at present a very bold principle because what is the use if users pay for such a technique which is on the market but does not suffice the requirements on the scene which is instable or does not meet the qualitative demands/requirements and which results in high expenditures for cleaning the waste water.  

Another way is the application of nickelhypophosphite instead of nickelsulfate as a nickel donator.

We have to wait and see, which technical solutions will win and what the resonance will be for the different principles.

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Due to increasing salt freight in the electrolytes after several mto and thereby conditioned reduction of the layer properties must become en baths disposed.


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