Some technical notes regarding the construction of electroless nickel tanks

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There are partly very different views about the construction of a suitable electroless nickel tank. Time and again I see in practical life that important prerequisites are not taken into consideration. Because of experiences, revised and better possibilities in the sense of technical progress were developed.

                                    The video shows the first princip of a rocket control.

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Thus I favour rather freely hanging filter bags                              

which are not within the electrolytes in contrast to the "rigid system" filter cartridge/filter cover or pressure filtration. Also the electrolyte pump, which is necessary for the filtration, electrolyte transport and current as well as for the exchange from one to a second container, should be rather a full-immersing staff pump, which revolves/filters the volume 10 to 20 times per hour.

The answer to the question, of which material the tanks should consist, PP or high-grade steel 1.4571, can be gathered from the following conditions that are very similar to those in practice:

one shift mode of operation - > High-grade steel = stainless steel

more than one shift mode of operation - > PP.

I would be happy to explain to you why this situation is as it is. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do it here, since this would take too much space on this homepage.

Heating: Here high-grade steel heating elements 1.4571 have been approved of. Rather angle than staff heating elements as thus the warmth takes a longer way and is better used. With staff heating elements a more intensive heat outlet is necessary in order to avoid overheatings which can lead to nickel particle formations. For dimentioning the capacity of heat the general rule is valid:

max. 2 W per cm2

Beginning at room temperature the warm up period should not exceed more than 3 to 4 hours in order to achieve the operating temperature. Very important is the heating element surface.   

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                                              a good kind to dry - avoid water spots

                                                                                                                           optimal filtration - princip "backpack"



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bad possebilities for filtration


bad princip



filter plates



pressure filtration

the problem of pressure filtration, it will produce nickel particles, they grow in the electroless nickel bath more and more, becoming unstable the electrolyte and the quality of the deposited layers. Here, only the electroless nickel supplier is happy because increasing the nickel consumption !

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