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Different branches of industry become more and more in the coating of light metals. Predominant are aluminum (density 2.8 g/mL) and magnesium (density 1.8 g/mL). One reason for this is to make the final products even more "light" without restriction of the desired functionality. 

Trailblazer is once more the car industry but also telecommunication and electronics. As magnesium is reactive in acid, in neutral and partially in an alkaline environment, it requires a careful pretreatment as a prerequisite for further coatings.



          Material that can be coated at present

          Alloy key for Mg materials


          Layer combinations         

                               bad ground material - no chance to get the right coating quality - look here          



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   Magnesium properties profile
   Magnesium application
   Magnesium in the car industry
   Magnesium and telecommunication