Treatment of worst depositions on different base materials.

Whatever causes always led to it. This decision lines up in order to accomplish thereafter the coating again.




base material method acid/alkaline/cyanide
steel chemical , oxidation chemistry, sulfide sulfur, complexing agent

chemical , oxidation chemistry, sodium cyanide



alkaline, cyanide

casting steel same like steel  
stainless steel chemical acid, nitrate/nitrite
aluminum chemical  acid, HNO3
copper chemical , oxidation chemistry, sulfide sulfur, H2SO4 1:1

electrolytical ,  

H2SO4 1:1, glycerin,      10 A/dm 2

brass same like copper  
magnesium chemical acid, HNO3 , with fluoride

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NEW - nickel stripping free from nitrate, cyanide and strong, akaline complexing agents, works only with 2 components and at only 55 C in the acid range. Also suitable for ganvanic nickel. The process EN-Stripp NFA removes nickel deposits and steel- and aluminium surfaces. EN-Stripp NBU denickelifies coated non-ferrous metal surfaces. Both systems do not allow any attack on the base material.