food contact - food safety



Like many other metals and alloys en layers are used for surface refinement in the range of the foodstuffs industry.

There are not generally obligatory evaluation yardsticks for the use in the area of application of the German food and consumer article right.

As criterion for the permitted use of en layers are considered the drinking and board water regulation, which in each case prescribe a border concentration of 0,05 mg/l. EN layers can be recommended everywhere, where considering of the kind and concentration the food, which temperature is not exceeded and the retention time of the food at the en surface this nickel quantity in the food.

The solubility of the en layers is to be examined therefore for each individual case considering the requirement parameters. A general food safety will not be able to give it.

The use of en layers within the range of the foodstuffs industry is left to the duty to exercise diligence of that, which wants therefore to bring relevant products professionally into traffic.

Due to the relatively high chemical stability of the en layers can be used these however often in the range of the foodstuffs industry.

This statement (conditions: 01.02.1989) became of the working group "Electroless metal deposition" the German society for galvano and surface technique e.V. prepared.



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