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Now it is possible to use the right components against pits and pores. The chemicals are dosed between 0,5 ml/l and 3,0 ml/l. The most important feature is that the added chemicals are analysable. Please contact me if you like to have more information. 

Porosity: Pits, cracks, pores have different causes. The main causes are : too high bath stability, too much bright chemistry, lacking filtration, too little electrolyte agitation, insufficient electrolyte exchange, bad organic, spongy basic material, very small liter charge with increasing age of bath, with too high an MTO number through extremely high salt quantity, surpassing tensile stresses in the deposited layer, with strongly mechanically processed basic materials - generation of tensions in surface-near fields.

Porosity test :

  • visual assessment-microscope, magnifier

  • Ferroxyl test, ISO 4527

  • Copper sulphate test

  • Ammonia test for coloured metals

  • Kesternich test, DIN 50018

  • Salt spray test, DIN 50021

  • Hot water test                                         

Electroless nickel - appearance, optics, porosity of deposited layers

Appearance: The spectrum extends from the classical yellow nickel over shining to metallically "silver" layers. According to the desired functionality different effects can be achieved through the application of corresponding additions, mostly in the mg-range. In contrast to galvanically nickel no levelling occurs.

Optic: Nickel-phosphorus-coating distributed on the entire surface uniformly, without colour differences, congestions, run appearances, "pimples" as well as arrearages, exceptions can arise from different surface structures of the basic material. In order to achieve the requested optic an adequate pretreatment is very important. Adequate pretreatment  - the key to a very good optic.  

  Pits  the disaster for every plater and their customers

PORES and PITS identify - clarification of the origin 

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